Susice could finally breathe  freely

on May 6th   

12:30 p.m.


The rumbling was heard from the Šumana Mountains for several days. There was a lot of rumor in the air so you had no choice but to wait.

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In exceptation of...

Sunday May the 6th, the weather is better and the waiting goes on...

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Here they come!

The way it was

The 4th Armored division

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White stars on the tanks

Gen. William Hoge

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There was a lot of going on

The Czechoslovak Armored Brigade under the command of Cpt. Pecold attended the celebrations of the end of war. Also Mr. Antes, Sýkora, Gvozdek and others came to Sušice and found their new home here.

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Czechoslovak armor brigade

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Childern let loose!

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American boys

And some relationships ended by marriage and moving overseas. And some ended in a different way......

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...and Czech girls

First shots

And in the surroundings?

Here they come

Freedom day

Gen. Hoge is coming!

Celebrations continue

Let´s play american football!

Gen. Patton in Horazdovice